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Welcome to pbg translations, inc.!

Our Mission

pbg translations, inc., was founded in 1997 by Paul B. Gallagher, a professional translator since 1985. Our mission is to serve the growing translation needs of the many Western firms now doing business with the countries of the former Soviet Union. Our focus is on written documents, but through our referral service, we can help you find simultaneous and consecutive interpreters as well.

pbg combines the experience and resources of its founder with those of other expert translators to serve a diverse clientele. In this age of global connectivity, we can draw on the skills of an endless variety of specialists in all subjects, and our workforce can be adjusted quickly to meet varying customer needs.

Quality Control

pbg carefully checks and edits all work before sending it to the client to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards. Our expert reviewers check the translation’s accuracy, completeness, linguistic and stylistic appropriateness, and technical correctness. If we happen to spot a factual error in your original (“two plus two equals five”), we’ll let you know, but we don’t promise to catch all of those.

pbg’s in-house technical library of over 400 volumes represents an ongoing investment made over a 15-year period. It provides information on technical content, terminology in both Russian and English, grammar, and background information that helps make our translations more valuable. In addition, we draw on the technical and linguistic expertise of our translators and editors, as well as the nearly infinite information available through the Internet. Since Internet sites vary widely in quality, we evaluate and verify information obtained online before using it in our translations.

pbg recognizes the importance of partnership with its clients. That means when you place an order with us, we make sure we understand your needs. And it also means that if you have specialized knowledge and expertise in the subject area, we’re not too proud to listen. Our bottom line is, “what will produce the best possible translation for this client?” So we don’t just guess. We make sure.