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Placing an Order or Requesting a Quote

For promptest service, please phone us during normal business hours (see Contact Info). We can quote prices and delivery schedules within the hour, often within minutes, and we can get started as soon as we have a written commitment from you. Very large or complicated jobs may take slightly longer to quote.

In order to make accurate quotes, we really need to see the document (or at least a few representative pages if you don’t want to send the whole thing). This is for your protection as well as ours. If you have it in electronic form, please email it as an attachment to a message telling us who you are and how we can reach you (very important: if you’re in a hurry, include a phone number complete with all long-distance dialing codes). If you don’t have the electronic form, faxing on “fine” is the next best choice. But if legibility is an issue, you might have to send a hard copy by courier or regular mail for the best results. Please keep in mind that faxing a document reduces legibility somewhat, and with smaller fonts or second-generation faxes, it may make the document unreadable.

When you call...

To ensure the best possible service, please be prepared to answer the following questions:

We assume the document is confidential and treat it as such.