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Recommended Resources

Professional Colleagues

Susan Larsson (Swedish/English translation)
Many more to come...

Russian Search Engines

Aport (Russian search engine, like Yahoo!)
Yandex (Russian search engine)
@Rus (Russian search engine)
Orientation Russia (news-oriented Russian search engine)
medi.ru (search Russian medical literature)
Rambler (popular Russian search engine)
Russia on the Net (Russian search engine and catalog of Russian resources)
List.ru (Catalog of Internet Resources)
Search Engine Colossus (Link page to Russian search engines)
Search Kit Russian metasearch (Windows 1251 -- but you must overrule its font specification of "MS Sans Serif," which lacks Cyrillic)
Special Russian search engines (links to many Russian search engines)

Grammar and Style Manuals

Chicago Manual of Style FAQ (common grammatical questions submitted to the CMS staff)
Online! A reference guide to using Internet sources (includes guidance for breaking URL’s at the end of a line)
Bartleby.com: Great Books Online
(includes Columbia Encyclopedia, dictionary, Roget’s Thesaurus, Bartlett’s Quotations, Simpson’s Quotations, English Usage, Fowler’s King’s English, Mencken’s Language, Strunk’s Style, Cambridge History, the King James Bible, Oxford Shakespeare, Gray’s Anatomy, Farmer’s Cookbook, Post’s Etiquette, Brewer’s Phrase and Fable, Bulfinch’s Mythology, Frazer’s Golden Bough, more...)
Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (1999-2000 ed.)
Basic Writing Skills Guide Sheet
Strunk and White, 1918 (rather stodgy grammar/style manual for those really formal occasions)


The Universal Currency Converter (converts any amount of any currency into any other currency)